Malaysia’s first mobile app digitizes traditional tailoring and offers a full suite of customization to bespoke and built-to-fit clothing with a 100% guaranteed fit algorithm

Custlr, Malaysia’s first custom-fitting mobile app was successfully launched to digitize the traditional way garment sizes are measured by way of advanced fitting algorithm technology. The result is custom clothing that matches their customers’ body measurements with a high level of accuracy and precision in less than a minute.

With an aim to reshape the future of made-to-measure clothing, Custlr was developed to not only bring convenience for their customers but also a new experience without breaking the bank. Custlr not only uses its fit algorithm technology and other measurement methods, but also engages with crowdsourced tailors from the local community to mitigate the cost.

Custlr is the brainchild of Engineering graduate, Daniel Chua, who created the mobile app when he realized that purchasing ready-to-wear garments online were still a hit-or-miss commodity. “The problem with purchasing online is that often times, some part of the clothing doesn’t fit you as it should be. Good quality tailor-to-made apparel are generally expensive, especially if you purchase from high fashion brand retailers. That’s where I saw an opportunity. With our in-house ready-to-patent algorithm, we eliminate this uncertainty, while offering you customizability to suit exactly what you want at an affordable price” said CEO and Director of Custlr, Daniel Chua.

The Custlr app offers the perfect tailored-fit shirt measurement with its algorithm technology that operates on an in-house software and equations to get accurate results. The algorithm technology provides accurate measurements in inches and centimetres, as well as standard sizing i.e. S, M, L, XL, etc. Other measurement methods include A4 fit algorithm, where customers can take a picture with an A4-sized paper placed on the front and on the side of their body and Custom Measurements, where customers can manually enter their body details with a step-by-step guide.

Custlr also lets customers select their preferred material, type of cuff and collar, as well as colors to their liking. Furthermore, traditional wear like baju melayu and kurta are also available for customization.

Apart from offering affordable custom-fitted clothing, Custlr in the future, aims to use a crowdsourcing approach to help the unemployed and housewives earn an income and give them the opportunity to be an entrepreneur without compromising their household responsibilities. “With Custlr, we have developed a new ecosystem that offers convenience in purchasing fitting clothing. We saw an increasing demand and have decided to extend an opportunity to the community and personal tailors to become entrepreneurs and skilled tailors,” explained Daniel.

With the help of partnership associations, Custlr’s crowdsourced tailors are given an opportunity to undergo training courses in order to ensure quality and service excellence for their customers. These training courses aim to better improve the tailors’ measuring skills, as well as cutting, sewing and finishing skills.

On Custlr’s current and future plan, with capital funding, Custlr aims to expand and enhance the user experience and also the ease of becoming a registered Custlr tailor. Furthermore, Custlr will also be launching the iOS App, mobile and website version.

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About Custlr

Founded in 2017 when it was recognized that there was a problem commonly faced by the public in regards to unfitting clothing at exorbitant prices by the “big brand” clothing retailers. With an in-house ready to patent algorithm that guarantees a 100% fit for anyone, Custlr hopes and aims to make purchasing of clothing easier and more fitting where countless hours are unnecessarily spent in malls trying to find something that suits you.

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